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Since the beginning of FARM Rio’s journey, we’ve established a relationship of connection and respect with the most diverse expressions of Brazilian culture. Our natural landscapes, popular festivals, architecture, and street art inspire our prints, and we bring this cultural richness everywhere we land worldwide in our stores’ architecture projects.

And to keep spreading our culture, we have partnerships that strive to impact the local communities where we operate positively, and through each one of them, we can see positive outcomes such as the preservation of Brazilian biomes, encouragement for the minimization of inequalities, incentives for education and training, improvement in health and well-being, financial independence, and generation of shared value.


In 2017, we traveled to the Gregório river in the Amazon and started a beautiful and lasting partnetship with the Yawanawa people. Since then, we support them and their history through the structuring of the handicraft chain, reforestation projects, digital inclusion and cultural festivals. It's about healing, care and respect.

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  • hand

    Supported the development of their artisanal work;

  • butterfly

    Sponsored to the Yawanawa Cultural Festival - Mariri;

  • world

    Internet installation in 7 villages;

  • plant

    Supported the agroforestry project at Mutum Village;

  • mask

    Distribution os masks during covid.

  • 180 craftwsomen impacted

  • More than 4,063 articles produced

  • 7,000 trees planted

  • Over USD 246,000 in direct income generation

  • USD 75,800 in local investments

  • The total investment over six years has reached approximately USD 473,500

Collections that tell meaningful stories

FARM Rio believes in popular culture as an agent for transforming people in Brasil and all around the globe. At every collection, we seek partners and traditional movements that can come together in our mission of spreading Brasil’s rich cultural heritage through every single detail, from print design to craftsmanship, celebrating local culture, creating new experiences to connect with people around us, and giving back to our home country.


It all started in early 2019 when we joined the “Boi de Santa Fé”, a folkloric group from Maranhão, Brasil. With this partnership and the sales of the Folk Party styles, we support the “Associação Cultural do Bumba–meu–boi e Tambor de Crioula Unidos de Santa Fé”, contributing to the perpetuation of one of the most symbolic cultural expressions in Brasil. FARM Rio believes in popular culture as an agent for the transformation of people, in Brasil and all around the globe. Through this partnership, we are investing in the Plan for Transferring Knowledge and Maintaining the Cultural Asset "'Boi de Santa Fé"', which offers embroidery, music, and dance workshops for about 150 people from the local community. The campaign for the collection included models, who are part of the Unidos de Santa Fé group, and part of the technical team made up of professionals from the region.

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The collaborations with our long-time friend Alberto Pitta invite us to visit Bahia through Brazil-inspired prints. Creator of the legendary Cortejo Afro and Oyá Institute, his art promotes inclusion and celebrates the Brazilian Afrodescendant culture, history, and future. FARM Rio has proudly supported the publication of Pitta’s first book “Histórias Contadas em Tecidos - O Carnaval Negro Baiano” - a celebration of the artist’s 40 years of creating and protecting the aesthetics, history, and traditions of Afro carnival in his state.

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Showcasing local Brazilian handmade projects at FARM Rio stores

We want to invite our customers to dive into a Brasil-inspired journey in every FARM Rio store and pop-ups worldwide, from wood racks to knitted fitting rooms to popular soundtracks, sharing what we value most: local artisanal work. We want to tell stories and showcase Brazilian artisans and communities through objects, furniture, and collections in a store that embraces its surroundings, expanding the positive impact not just on the environment but also on the communities around it. Our stores are meant to be also an art gallery experience where people can connect with our tropical culture, and that’s why we invite Brazilian projects such as Ponto Firme, Kayapó people, Lab UniPreta, Ilha do Ferro, and Maceió Mais inclusiva, curated by Marcelo Rosenbaum and his Instituto A Gente Transforma, to exhibit their artworks as part of our #naturelovers universe.

FARM Rio <3 Rinascente

Spanning an impressive 120 square meters and eight shop windows, ‘Surreal Nature’ was designed in collaboration with renowned artist Gringo Cardia, culminating in a creative takeover of Milan's iconic Rinascente Duomo department store alongside the immersive pop-up experience on the lower floor. The highlight was the giant, handmade sculptures crafted in partnership with the Proeza Institute, a UNESCO-recognized organization that empowers women through the ancient arts of embroidery and crochet. The installation had positively affected 200 artisans and their families, and other Brazilian collectives like Ponto Firme, Lab UniPreta, and Maceió Mais Inclusiva, alongside work by the Ilha do Ferro community, the Kayapó and Yawanawá people were also part of this Rinascente project.

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FARM Rio <3 Liberty

We’ve introduced our FW23 collection accompanied by a creative take-over at Liberty London. The project embodies the delicate bond between art and fashion, offering an exclusive preview of the latest styles through an immersive shopping experience akin to stepping into one of our prints and watching its elements come to life. The installation tells the story of a Surreal Winter Forest and its colorful beings, from macaws to black jaguars to luminous stars, with a 12-meter giant tree at Liberty's central atrium, showcasing a range of handcrafted adornments made in partnership with the UNESCO-recognized Instituto Proeza. The Brazilian multi-artist Gringo Cardia signs the concept, while the carnival expert Leandro Vieira stands behind the flawless execution.

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