Pteroglossus bailloni

Unmistakable in the forests it inhabits, the Saffron Toucanet is a piciform bird. Measuring 13 to 15 inches in length and weighing between 5 and 6 ounces, it has a beak in shades of green and yellow, with red and blue areas on the maxilla. The dorsal region is emerald green. The male displays more vibrant colors than the female, whose green tends towards olive.

They build their nests in various cavities such as tree holes and termite mounds, and often take over woodpecker nests. The male courts the female by singing and presenting her with various foods. They can be found living in groups of 5 to 7 individuals. Their diet includes fruits, especially hearts of palm, and insects, as well as eggs and nestlings of other birds.

The Saffron Toucanet plays an important role in seed dispersal and is found in mountainous regions from Argentina to the south of Belo Horizonte, spanning the states of Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, and the northern area of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil. Its presence is notable due to its coloration and behavior, standing out as part of the avifauna diversity of the areas it inhabits.