Elaenia flavogaster

The Yellow-bellied Elaenia is a passerine bird, measuring about 6,2 inches. Its back is olive-toned, and it has two white stripes on its wings. The grayish head features a white ring around the eyes. The tuft feathers are elongated and bristled. Its throat is white with a grayish tone on the sides and chest before reaching the yellowish belly.

Highly active, it moves through open areas and treetops of forests. It primarily feeds on small fruits like mulberries, mistletoe berries, yellow magnolias, and figs. It also consumes insects such as ants, beetles, leafhoppers, and flying termites.

Its breeding season occurs from July to November. Its nest is a deep bowl made of plant fibers and fine roots. The female lays an average of 2 cream-colored eggs with red markings. Incubation takes around 16 days, and the chicks develop their plumage within 16 days after hatching.

It rarely descends to the ground, living in pairs or small family groups. It possesses a distinctive song, resembling the whistle of a samba school drum master. It is spotted throughout all regions of Brazil and also in Mexico, Bolivia, and Argentina.